Friday, February 3, 2012


Ta gum, mama and he hands me a flower.  Here you go mama is what he means.  He points to his head.  Put it in ur hair, mama , his eyes say. I put it in my hair. He grins his too wide grin and runs down the stairs for more.
Later I am chasing him down the sidewalk, as he goes in pursuit of the trucks fixing the tennis courts at the park on the corner. The flowers tumble onto the side, marking the path back home.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Gratitude and love thyself

So some great friends of mine running a gratitude/love yourself challenge-- usually like 5 grats a day and one love youself... so I'm running with that to create my Sunday Grats and love. 10 things every week I'm grateful for and one thing I love about about myself.


1. My husband.  Loving, passionate, kind, smart, funny, great cook, amazing dad, accepts me totally.
2. My funny, exasperating, clever, beautiful, loud children.
3. my home, cozy, charming, perfect.
4. coffee
5. wine
6. friends!!  They rally around when I need a hand.  They laugh with me, accept me, love me.  And they are damn fun and funny and clever.
7. Parties!  I love going to them-- and damn, love having them.  Had a great one for my birthday last night and SO FUN.  Winefood  (one word, they go together)... and lots of it!  bonfire.  Laughing!  Kids running amok!  Great.
8. My job.  I love being a photographer.
9. Living in Broad Ripple.  Its a little urban, a little small town, a little arty.
10. Hope

1. thing I love about myself.
I'm determined.

Patrick fell asleep by the bonfire.  Favorite pic of the night.