Saturday, February 11, 2012

I love getting text messages from my husband

Today.  I'm at Emmet's Basketball game.  I get this text...

3lk riding their motorcycles through the house.  And engaging in gunfights.  I think they are one-percenters.  ;)

If they start running drugs and providing security for rock concerts my suspicions will have been confirmed ;)

to which I request pictures.

Unfortunately, they stopped before I could get a picture; they are now hiding loudly from Bugs That Eat People.

Can we just discuss the total awesomeness of my kids?

(oh 3lk stands for three little kids)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wednesday Images

Ok.  I had something to say yesterday.  So here's Wednesday's images on Thursday--

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I swore I would speak honestly in this blog.  So today.  The taboo subject.  Illustrated of course.

In case you are wondering.  This is what food stamps buy.  Flour, salt, yeast and homemade bread everday.  Because it’s cheaper.  Better.

Homemade cookies.  Because I can.

Heres what children who eat food purchased with food stamps look like.

Yes, I know.  It’s called SNAP now.  And it’s a fancy little credit card.  But come on.  It’s still food stamps.  We all know it. 

This what kid who gets WIC looks like.  Don’t know what that is?  You should.

It helps us with our gallon a milk a day habit.  Our addiction to cheerios. Our dependency on eggs. 

That is welfare.  Go ahead play with words.  Say welfare is only cash ( which we don’t get, although I would take it if they offered)  But come on .  It’s welfare.  Yes, we have jobs.  Yes we work.  We work and work and work.

These are kids on Hoosier Healthwise.  That’s a fancy word for medicad

This is what the uninsured look like.

Here’s what we are.  A family who has fun.  We cook . and cook and cook.  We garden.  We Laugh.  We started camping as the only way we could afford a family vacation.  Discovered it rocked.
We have one car.  No creditcards.  A small house.  A good life.

This is a man who will build anything.  Fix anything.  Work his fingers to the bone to help his family.

This is a woman who lets the babies cuddle in bed with her.  Who invents meals out of nothing.  Who would work her fingers to the bone to help her family.

These are reasons she smiles.  And the reasons she cries when she thinks she's failing them.

Yeah.  That’s me.  I’m the one who cried in the car after I couldn't pick up my son’s medicine because of glitch in insurance.

The one who will sit in FSSA all afternoon today with three small children because that glitch.

So maybe you’ll think less of us.  And well, that’s too bad for you.  Maybe you are just like us.  Know others like us. .  I know what we are—a family who doesn’t plan on being like this forever.  But is grateful for the help.  A family who loves.  Works.  Plays.  Laughs.  Doesn’t give up. 
Before you assume to comment on "welfare"--  think about who is getting the benefits.  

Monday, February 6, 2012

Sunday Grats (one day late)

I'm day behind with my grats and its not because of the SuperBowl , altho I did-- for the first time EVER watch some of it with my family.

so here it goes...
1. so our tire torn a week ago and with no extra money, we've been without a car-- so heres gratitude to friends and family who helped us out and gave us rides!
2. speaking of money-- I love my job.  Love, love, love. Gratitude for work I love that pays decent.
3. annnd  speaking of no money. Happiness for making delicious, healthy food outta, well-- very little!
WIC meals, mmm, mmm add flour and you've got crepes! Quiches! Mexican!
4.  Add to that, fresh bread almost every day.
5. gratitude to breadmaker and most wonderful of husbands, Chris.
6. Kids whose laughter and demands keep me from falling into a dark place.
7. sunshine and mild winter.  Yes, I know its global warming I really do care.  But , Hell, I HATE winter.
8. Hope.  Hope that we will work hard. and it will pay off.
9. coffee (what would I do without you?)
10. trashy novels

One love myself--
I have great hair.  Its unruly, rarely trendy, think and nice.  I like it.