Monday, February 6, 2012

Sunday Grats (one day late)

I'm day behind with my grats and its not because of the SuperBowl , altho I did-- for the first time EVER watch some of it with my family.

so here it goes...
1. so our tire torn a week ago and with no extra money, we've been without a car-- so heres gratitude to friends and family who helped us out and gave us rides!
2. speaking of money-- I love my job.  Love, love, love. Gratitude for work I love that pays decent.
3. annnd  speaking of no money. Happiness for making delicious, healthy food outta, well-- very little!
WIC meals, mmm, mmm add flour and you've got crepes! Quiches! Mexican!
4.  Add to that, fresh bread almost every day.
5. gratitude to breadmaker and most wonderful of husbands, Chris.
6. Kids whose laughter and demands keep me from falling into a dark place.
7. sunshine and mild winter.  Yes, I know its global warming I really do care.  But , Hell, I HATE winter.
8. Hope.  Hope that we will work hard. and it will pay off.
9. coffee (what would I do without you?)
10. trashy novels

One love myself--
I have great hair.  Its unruly, rarely trendy, think and nice.  I like it.

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