Monday, February 20, 2012

Sunday Grats (one day late)

Eventually I will get my grats done on Sunday.
1.I am grateful for my own sense of looking at the world that finds beauty (to me, at least!) in odd places

2. Friends.  I have so many.  They are wonderful and different.  They make me laugh --so much! They don't care if my floor is dirty.
3. Social services.  Yes sometimes we wait for hours....

But this week we have WIC and kids have health insurance again.

4.  My preteen beauty

5. technology... today I was skating at the rink... taking pictures, then sending them via text to my sister in Northern Ireland.  I love being able to connect to people.
6. paychecks
7.  My husband.  He never gives up on me
8. wine and coffee
9. library cards
10. delicious food we make cheaply

self love.
I work hard.

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