Tuesday, February 14, 2012

sunday Grats (two days late)

Ten grats, (two days late)

1. snow.  Its a pain in the arse, but today its beautiful.
2.My sweet kids, who force me out of bed, when I could just stay there and cry.
3. My darling husband, who loves and desires me, still, after 20 years.
4. My sweet Fra's birthday!!  Five years old.

5. Friends
6. Parties for no reason except they are fun
7. Supernatural, the best show to come around since X Files
8. Hand me downs keep my Littles fashionable and in clothes
9. teaching, challenges me and is fun and they pay me.
10.  Yoga-- my body is strong.  My heart is open.  It has changed my life.

A self love... 
I can invent meals outta nothing.  And you will like them.  :)

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